Unveiling the Ultimate Online Shopping Secrets: Top Apps for Bargain Hunters That Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you aware that several formidable online shopping applications exist, which can assist you in snagging some amazing bargains?

After scouring through countless websites and apps, I’ve discovered some incredible ones that can save you massive amounts of money! So without further ado let’s dive in!

1. Tangerine How to Save

Tangerine is an app that aggregates mobile coupons and promo codes across a variety of online retailers, providing users with the opportunity to save up to 70% off their final total on any purchase.

Tangerine doesn’t just bring you stacks of savings; it will also provide you with the most recent offers from some of the most popular stores in Canada, such as Old Navy, Amazon and many more – saving you time while shopping!

To access Tangerine’s database of discounts and coupons, simply enter one into your browser before adding items to your shopping cart. Upon picking out your items, simply click Apply Coupon before finalizing your order and proceeding with checkout procedure – all with one mouse click!

2. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is an app that aggregates thousands of online retailers, and then filters them down to show only the best deals out there. It can be used like a game plan; a list of potential items that might be available that day at a discount in another locale – or even other locations!

ShopSavvy also provides users with exclusive savings opportunities on both new and pre-owned goods, along with cashback apps. In addition, it can even provide coupons and promo codes while facilitating instant payment methods such as PayPal and Square Cash.

3. zipCashback

Seeking out and making the most of bargains has never been easier thanks to zipCashback. With this tool, you can earn cash back on your purchases without having to make any effort at all!

So, let’s say that you spend $25 on something – then that purchase would net you a $2 total discount (if purchased using PayPal) or an additional $15 ($5 + $10) if it is made via credit card. That is but one of the many ways in which zipCashback allows users to reap rewards from bargain hunting!

zipCashback is an app designed for those who want to earn money by shopping online. This app tracks all of your online shopping activity and gives you a chance to earn points for every dollar spent during that period.

4. Cashback World

Insatiable bargain-hunters rejoice! Cashback World is an app whose sole objective is to offer you maximum value for money– as well as provide opportunities for money back.

Cashback World is a one-stop shop for rewarding your savings, so all you need to do is launch it and browse the myriad of merchants offering discounts. Just click on any link and you’ll be brought directly to that merchant’s website; no need to log in again or create an account!

Once there, simply insert any other applicable coupon codes or promotions that might show up in between purchases. Then, when checking out – make sure you apply those cashback rewards accrued during your shopping spree!

5. Ebates

Ebates is an online shopping app that aggregates the most lucrative sales, coupons and rebates in one place. Through its interface, users can effortlessly compare prices alongside product lists from various retailers to identify which offer is most advantageous for them; this app is a must-have for any frequent bargain hunter!

Through the use of Ebates’ mobile app, shoppers can connect with the service’s primary feature – earning cashback when making purchases on their favorite e-commerce sites.

To kick things off, it only takes three minutes and a few clicks to enroll in this service before opening an account and linking up your preferred credit card. That being said, there are no hard-fast rules governing how long you have to link up with these accounts – depending on the level of access you require! If you’re not too sure about what level of access you require or simply don’t know where to start – don’t sweat it! It’s easy to create an account and link up linked cards.

6. Vudo

If you find yourself enjoying a shopping spree on the occasional occasion, here comes Vudo! This app helps users save money by aggregating various coupon codes and cashback apps into one convenient location – making it easy to find discounts without ever having to leave the page. Users can then apply those savings towards their order total upon checkout.

For those who enjoy receiving a few extra dollars back after they’ve already spent their hard-earned money, this app can be quite useful. You just have to remember to enter your PayPal ID at check out during your next online shopping excursion; after clicking Make Purchase or Pay button, scan the barcode or enter your email address.

7. GuruLab Coupons and Discounts by Homes For Everyone

Acquiring discounts and sales is a surefire way to save money on your purchases. But, if you don’t have time to go looking for them, there’s an app for that!

GuruLab is a straightforward app that aggregates the most popular deals from across the internet. Users can utilize this information in order to quickly locate valuable offers at their fingertips – all without having to expend any effort whatsoever!

In addition to providing users with access to exclusive bargains, GuruLab also provides a platform allowing users to share these savings with each other as well as provide suggestions based on collective experience when it comes down to seeking out value-added promotions.

8. FatWallet Discounts and Freebies

If you’re all about curbing costs, FatWallet is an essential application. This handy app allows its users to easily discover discount coupons and freebies when searching for products on the web. In addition to providing users with a one-stop shop for finding the most cost-effective bargains out there – it also provides access to numerous other programs that can reduce your expenditures while saving money at the same time!

Fatwallet is designed to save you money, whether it be from discovering new offers or redeeming them. To harness its power, simply visit their website where you’ll find current promo codes and coupons available in each respective region; plus any potential savings will be displayed alongside corresponding dollar amounts.


For the most astute bargain hunters, there are some remarkable online shopping apps that can drastically reduce the cost of their purchases.

Our app selection was crafted to assist anyone on their quest for savings, so don’t delay – download it today!


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